We usually start our day at first light, travel down the Mississippi River to the area we'll be fishing and head back to the Venice Marina, Cypress Cove Marina  or Yellow Cotton Bay launch between 1pm and 2pm. During the Summer months we get out early and during the Winter months not so early.
The Mississippi River delta is truly a unique and fertile fishery, and offers great fishing 12 months a year.

In Spring, we typically find ourselves fishing the outside bays and beaches searching for the Redfish and Speckled Trout. March, April, May, and June are outstanding months to target the big "bull" Redfish around the coastal bays and beaches that surround the Mississippi River Delta. May and June are the best months for a chance to catch a wall hanger Trout, as well. This is the peak of Speckled Trout  spawn when these large female Trout mingle with the smaller male Trout, and they are easier to target. The Redfish are there as well. We use a variety of artificial lures in a cast and retrieve technique to draw strikes from the fish. Some of my favorite lures are topwater plugs, spinnerbaits, soft plastics under a popping cork, and a soft plastic with a lead head. It is very much like Bass fishing, except it is not as difficult, because the saltwater fish are usually much more aggressive. This type of fishing is definitely not like Snapper fishing, where you are just dropping the bait straight down and waiting for something to come along and hit the bait.

As the Summer months come I find that the huge Redfish are running along the outside beaches. July, August, and September are great months to target these line stripping brutes. When you get these big Redfish hooked you find yourself walking to the front and back of the boat while your fishing rod is bent over and the drag on your reel is screaming. It's called light tackle fishing at its best. You have to wear the fish down before it can be netted. You can't just stand in one spot on the boat and fight these Redfish, because the boat is probably in 2-4ft. of water and the Redfish will get the line wrapped around the engine or something. Usually, we will catch Speckled Trout along with these Summertime Redfish, especially if we are fishing a petroleum platform.These platforms  act as terrific vertical artificial reefs.

As the fall months come, the water temperature drops, the days get shorter, the baitfish that the gamefish eat move into the marsh, so that is when mother nature lets us know to concentrate our fishing in the interior bays of the delta and the main channels of the Mississippi River. Depending on the river stage, the Redfish, Trout, and Flounder move into the river and mingle with the freshwater fish. October, November, and December are,again, a great time to target big Redfish, but it is also the best time of year to catch eating size Speckled Trout. Fall is the time of year when we have the option of fishing in the clean green waters of the Mississippi River or the outside coastline. Some people consider this the best season to fish the area due to the low river stage. The fish are very predictable during this time of year. It's the time of year that is comfortable to fish as far as the mild temperature, and not much boat riding time, because the fish are "in", and they are usually ganged up.

As the winter months come we are still fishing hard, and between the strong fronts is some very productive fishing. Capt. Shawn does not hunt, so I am fishing 12 months a year. The big Redfish are here during the winter months as well. They do not leave to go somewhere else. For those of you that might be living up North somewhere, where you are snowed in, let me let you in on a pleasant surprise:January and February. For some reason, January and February are outstanding months for Redfish action. For shear numbers of Redfish, February produces. Maybe, they like Mardi Gras or something, but they are there in force. I also have some great trips in March throwing topwater lures for the big pre-spawn Speckled Trout, and , as you might expect, a big Red will hammer that same topwater on the next cast.

Because of its location at the mouth of the Mississippi River, the Venice Louisiana fishing inshore or offshore, offers all year long all the excitement you might be looking for.

To see some fishing action Google: " Louisiana tripletail" and you will see Captain Shawn taking Captain Jimmy Nelson from the TV show Extreme Fishing Adventures out on a Tripletail trip. Lots of fun! It is on You Tube.

To see what the weather is doing in our area check out:
www.noaa.gov  and check zip code 70038 for Boothville, 70091 for Venice or 70041 for Buras.


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