The following is a list of our recommendations for items you should bring on one of our Guided Fishing Trips in Venice, Louisiana.

  • Valid Louisiana Fresh and Salt water fishing license, if you are from out of state,  you have to get a 3 day-pass (1 pass for each person) from LA Wildlife and Fisheries. This license is mandatory and you are responsible for getting it and carrying it with you while fishing.
  • Rain gear and/or sun protection: a hat and waterproof sunblock, sunglasses
  • Your food and drinks, ice will be provided for this effect and for keeping your trophies cold
  • Because of limited storage space, please limit personal effects to 1 waterproof small bag
  • Don't forget your camera, make sure you have enough film...or an empty card
  • You will need to come with an ice chest to bring your catch home.
  • We usually freeze fish in water for you to take home. If you prefer to vacuum seal it please bring your own vacuum seal bags. We have a vacuum sealer that you can use and bag your fish the way you like.


 Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries toll free phone number to get your 3 day-pass or Charter Passenger License is:  (888) 765-2602. Call them and tell the agent you will be fishing with a licensed guide. It is fast and easy. You will need a credit card number. You can also go to :  and purchase your license online.



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