January 22 , 2015 Report.

 I did not fish for the last week, but I have been getting some fishing progress reports from a couple of my guide friends that have been out fishing the last couple of days. They have had some good days later this last week with catches of forty to fifty Redfish. These are all the big Redfish from fifteen to thirty pounds with a few around nine pounds that they put in the box. Yesterday, they went out (two boats) and had seven Redfish between the two boats. The conditions were really good yesterday as far as the seas. Apparently, the fish did not like the conditions yesterday. Sometimes, the fish are there, but they don’t bite. I don’t like those slow days, but it happens.

Since I was not fishing, I took the wife out to the movie house and saw “American Sniper”. This was a really good movie. It seemed like a very realistic movie based on a true story. It is directed by Clint Eastwood, and I am a big fan of his. The main reason I think it is a realistic story is that our U.S. troops are vulnerable in combat. Their duty is not a walk in the park. Our troops are tough and well trained, but their combat experience is not like some video game where one trooper goes in and kills 200 bad guys without a scratch. Our military troops have to work really hard with no guarantees of survival against enemies that are determined to kill them. I think too many Americans think our military can go anywhere and just kick any ones ass without any consequences. This ain’t so. Unfortunately, the bad guys train for battle and are disciplined to carry out evil deeds. Just like those nuts in France that shot up those newspaper people. I think we Americans have an advantage over the Europeans as far as this type of terrorist threat, because we have a right to own weapons. Most U.S. states allow us to carry weapons. We have a chance to defend ourselves when we are out and about. We can’t stop every threat from happening, but when it does, if we are alert and ready, the board meeting at the newspaper office will have some weapons handy under that sports coat. Maybe even a shotgun behind the file cabinets. At least over here, the average Joe can be an equalizer if the bad guys corner us. In Europe, only the government and the bad guys are armed. Here, we have the third type of armed people: your average law abiding citizen. Of course, some states won’t let you be ready, like up in the Northeast. Or, these states make it so difficult to own a weapon that it’s unrealistic to try to own one. Pennsylvania, and Maine are on board with the constitution, but the rest of the Northeast doesn’t like people to be able to defend themselves. The law can only respond to what’s already happened.

I bought the movie “The Hurt Locker”. This is a great movie as well. It has the last Jason Bourne guy in it, I forgot his name. It seemed realistic as well for the same reasons. I recommend both shows to see. My favorite part of both movies is seeing the bad guys go down ….

Time to go back to fishing….

January 14, 2015. Report.


It is January, which is typically the slowest month of the year for me as far as fishing charters, but we have been out a few days locating the big Redfish. In January the cold fronts bring strong winds which make fishing more difficult, but not impossible. With the strong winds, the water levels drop, so you have to make sure you have enough water where you stop the boat or you may get stuck in the mud. When the North wind stops blowing the South wind brings warm moist air that brings fog, which makes navigating difficult. At the end of the day, mother nature can make fishing more difficult than we want any day of the year, so we may as well go fishing and have a plan”A” along with a plan “B”. More days than not we find solid numbers of fish during the winter months.

          Currently, the Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is around 7ft. and is expected to be around this stage for the next week. The water temperature in the river is in the mid forties, with the outer bays surrounding the river in the lower fifties. These outer bays is where the Redfish will be holding due to saltier warmer water. This is where we will be fishing until early Summer, when the Mississippi River typically falls again (no guarantees on that. It falls when it wants to).

          So, if you like to fish and you want to go out and give some fishing a try, now is a good time to give me a call and set some dates up. Particularly if you are snowed in somewhere in the Northern U.S. now is a good time to come down and get away from ice fishing. It’s all good. I will keep you all up to date on my fishing trips…

January 02, 2015. Report.


I have some good news from down here in the Venice, Louisiana area: The Redfish are still here in 2015. It seems as if they are hitting the same lures we were using in 2014. J We don’t have to make any major changes in our strategy for finding the fish. We look at the weather and figure out where we definitely don’t want to go based on the seas, and go where we can fish without the boat bouncing around really hard. We get to the area and start fishing and looking for any sign of the fish. If we don’t have any luck with the fish, then we go to plan “B” and hope the fish are there. I always like it better when plan “A” works.

January can be a difficult month to fish because of the heavy winds that come with the cold fronts. When things settle down we have to be concerned about the fog. Thick fog on the Mississippi River. The fishing can be terrific during this time, so I make myself available to stand up to the challenge of winter fishing.

The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is currently at 3.7 ft. and in five days it’s supposed to at 4.6 ft. So the river is rising, and I don’t care. The Reds don’t leave and go to Alabama because the river gets high. They are here, swimming around. Some days they bite great and some days they don’t and some time during the day they might bite better than other times.

Anyway, went out today in heavy fog with some Colorado guys and did good on the “BULL” REDS, and earlier in the week with a family from Ohio who had a ball. It’s the time of year when business slows some and I will enjoy some time off, but after a few days I am ready to get back out on the water even if the weather looks tough. I look forward to the new year. I hope we all have a great year.

Give me a call to book your next trip. Now is the time: more choice of dates to accommodate you!



A few more pics of my last trips.







Chris and David redfishing in Venice Louisiana



December 24, 2014 Report.

The big Redfish bite this December has been outstanding down the Mississippi River around the end of the passes South of Venice. October and November were good, but the fish really turned on this December. I never know when to tell people to come fishing here when they ask: “When is the best month to come fishing?”, because the fish are always here and we fish every month of the year. We can have a great day on any given day. We can also have not such a great day on any day. Fortunately, we don’t have too many terrible days. Anyway, this December has been great. There has been so many 18 to 30 lb. Redfish holding in certain areas that one fish will take the soft plastic under a cork, then another fish will hit the cork under the water, and they fight over it. The “BULL” Redfish end up tearing up your tackle they are so thick. They destroy all your tackle, or break your cork in half. Its best to have a couple of rods rigged with just a lead head and plastic when the fish get thick so there is only one target for them to hit. The first fish there gets the bait, and the other fish can follow the hooked fish to the boat, but not tear up everything. We have been boating between forty to fifty fish a day. One of our boats boated sixty- four. All of the Redfish have been big. That does not count all the misses and busted up tackle ones. Mucho action. This can happen in any month. I keep telling people that December is an under rated month. January and February can be great as well, but they are the toughest months due to the cold fronts and fog, but the fish are here. The fish don’t leave.

It is Christmas time, so I have to go, but I have more to tell. I will report back in a couple of days. Merry Christmas!


December 10 , 2014 report.

The big “BULL” Redfish are still hitting good down here in the Venice, Louisiana area. We have had folks fishing with us the last couple of weeks from Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana and North Carolina. They all came down for the big Reds. We have been concentrating our fishing down at the passes off the Mississippi River. The beaches and bays near the mouths of the passes have been holding the 20 plus pound Redfish. They roam around, so they are not sitting in the same spots, but if you work an area over for a while you eventually find them. It is always better when you find them early rather than later. We are constantly changing locations based on the wind and seas. If you can’t fish an area due to the seas, then you don’t go back there no matter how well you did there yesterday, because you are wasting your time. Most of our fish have been caught with soft plastics under a cork.

The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is at 3.6 feet today, and is supposed to be at 4.0 feet in five days, so it is rising. The river should continue to rise after this week, so anyone wanting Speckled Trout will have a hard time. We never have been spoiled this year with a low river. It fluctuated so much this year, so we had to work to find slot Reds and Trout. It really did not bother us with the big Redfish fishing.

It seems everyone has enjoyed the fishing and the Fish On Lodge. Leila has been cooking up some good meals and keeping the place clean and comfortable. It has been like having family over all year. About half of everyone that has been over has been here before, so there has been a lot to talk about. We have had a few tough days fishing this year, but most of the time we have found some good action on the big Redfish, especially when you fish multiple days and make a vacation out of it. All good here. We will touch base soon.

 My calendar for 2015 is pretty much wide open as of now. So, now is the time to book your next trip as you will be able to get the dates you want. it is never too early to book a fishing trip in Venice Louisiana!


November 25, 2014 report.

 The “BULL” Redfish fishing has been good the last couple of weeks when we could get to them. The strong cold fronts we have been getting have brought heavy winds and they limit where we can fish, so on the windy days we have targeted the slot Redfish in the passes. The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is around four feet, and the river water is a clearer brown color, not the clear green color we are used to this time of year. The Speckled Trout have moved in the River in some areas, particularly down river from Venice. Some friends of mine have been catching them on live shrimp. Usually, by now, we would be catching the trout on soft plastics in the river, but I have not talked to anyone who has done well on them using artificial baits. The big Redfish like the lures though. They will eat them up. The weather does not have to be great to catch the big Reds, but it helps when the wind stays below 20mph. I work hard, but I can’t work miracles.

My clients over the last couple of weeks have been from Texas, Alabama, and South Carolina, and they have fished three or four days with us. They said they had fun and enjoyed staying with us at the lodge. We ate good and had a good time. We have a few days off for Thanksgiving and then get back on the water hunting down the fish, especially the big Redfish. It’s a hunt everyday.



November 10, 2014 Report.

 We have been doing really well on the big “BULL” Redfish this November. We have had folks fishing with us from Indiana, Texas, South Carolina, Florida, and Colorado. Most of these folks have stayed here at the Fish on Lodge fishing our three day package. They just can’t catch Redfish that are big where they live, except in certain months of the year if they are lucky. These big Reds are here in Venice all year long. Sometimes, the weather can make it difficult to get to them, but they are here. We have been catching them in murky water with soft plastics under a cork in shallow water. Just yesterday, we caught four Redfish over thirty pounds, with the largest being thirty-six lbs. Most of the Redfish have been between 20 and 30 lbs. 

The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is at 3.8 feet today and is supposed to be at 3.4 feet in five days, so it is slowly falling at all the river stage stations all the way up the river. Of course, usually the Mississippi River would have already been low and green clear for several months. The only constant is change, but really the river stage does not affect the big Redfish fishing. Back in the Spring months, when the river stage was over 10 feet, we were doing well on the Redfish. It is affecting the Speckled Trout fishing, because they would usually be stacked up in the river by now for sure. Fortunately for me, people know I am the guide to call for the Bull Redfish, not the guide who buys live shrimp for Specks. The Reds are more fun to catch for folks that fish all over the country and beyond. They already have fish to fry at home. The Reds under 20 lbs. are great on the grill by the way.

Hats off to Mr. Clarence, who came down fishing with his daughter, Beth and her husband, Kenneth. Mr. Clarence is 89 years old and is a World War Two Navy Veteran who saw much action in the Pacific. He was on a destroyer most of the time. Kamikazes and six inch Jap shells hit them, but they hit back. He hooked and caught some Reds as well. He would not take the rod if any of us hooked the fish and tried to hand it over to him.  

Now is the time to book your spring fishing trip. The earliest the better: you get the dates you want….




November 2nd 2014 report.

We have been busy here at the Fish On Venice Lodge the last couple of weeks, and I have not had a chance to give a report. The fishing has been pretty good, except for yesterday when the wind was blowing 30 to 40 miles an hour. We have had guests from Missouri, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Illinois, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Florida fishing for the last couple weeks. All of them fishing three or four days with us. Big bull Redfish have been our target fish and they have been biting most of the time. When Plan “A” does not work plan “B” and “C” have come through for us when we needed them. It’s the time of year when we can get some strong cold fronts that bring some strong wind with tough fishing, but that does not mean that you will not catch fish. We just have to go out and give it your best effort.

Well, The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is at 4.5 feet today and five days from now should be at 3.1 feet. That means the river should start getting clear green, which means it should be getting normal for this time of year and the Speckled Trout and slot Redfish will be easier to target. Go away muddy river. Most of my clients want the big Reds, so no big changes for me, but we can start using different lures with clear water. I like Speck fishing too, but not live bait. We should be able to catch Specks on artificial lures within two weeks if things hold up with mother nature.

Long story short is that things are good and should get better, so come on down.



October 15 2014.   a few pics from last week, below.




October 15, 2014 Report


The fishing for us the last week or so has made a comeback to the usual times as far as the fish biting. The Redfish bite has gotten better. I have had folks from Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia here lately, and all is good. We have not done anything super special to catch fish. We have worked hard and tried to put the boat where the fish are. No new mouse traps to try to make things happen. I am just glad the fish started acting like I want them too. I am along for the ride as far as what the fish think. Good thing the eating is good down here. Wether the fish are biting or not, the eats are good.

The Mississippi  River stage in New Orleans is going up to five feet, so the river will remain murky. The Bull Red fishing should be good, but the Speckled Trout fishing will be more difficult, but not impossible. I see some good fishing the next couple of months for the Reds. Come down and give it a go, anytime.


October 3, 2014 Report.

 We have been out fishing for the big Redfish a bunch here the last few weeks, and we have caught some good ones, but the bite has been slower. I don’t know why, but we have not had bite after bite. We have had to keep casting out for them and moving around looking for them. When we do hook up with a Redfish I have encouraged the other anglers on the boat to keep fishing while their buddy is fighting his, so that we might double up. That has worked out some of the time, because they do run in schools. The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is around 4.5 feet today and it is dropping to around three feet by early next week. I think the river will have that clear green water again by late next week. This will help us catch the slot Redfish in the river, but the big Reds will mostly be on the outside beaches where they are most of the year. We are used to fishing murky water, so I don’t know why we have had a slower bite here lately. The bite will pick up, because the fish are here. I know the Speckled Trout bite has been slow as well, because I have spoken with folks who have tried for them, but they should start moving into the river this month and be easier to target. I guess it sounds like a lousy fishing report, but we have caught some nice fish the last couple of weeks. I am just used to catching a lot of fish when we find them, but I can’t get spoiled every day, although I wish I could. Everyone has had a good time. All my clients the last couple of weeks have been out with me before, and even though they may have caught more fish the last time, they say they will be back. The bite has to get better, so come on down, because we are due for the fast bite.


Kenny and 25 lb redfish in Venice louisiana

September 22, 2014 Report.


The last couple of weeks we have been chasing the big Redfish around the passes and points down river from Venice, and they really have not been in the same general areas from one day to the next. We have had to move around and find them on a daily basis, which is typical, but it has been a little tougher to go to the first area of the day and hit the jackpot. Lightning storms and sharks have made it more difficult. This year the sharks are worse than I can remember. They just tear your tackle up and bite your 25 pound Redfish in half. They run off the Reds. Nevertheless, we have had productive trips. I have had folks from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia fishing multiple days with me the last couple of weeks, and we have had some good trips. At some parts of the day we are on the fish, and other parts of the day looking for them. September is a transition time for the fish, so we just have to work to find them. The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is hovering around four to five feet, so the slot Redfish in the river have been more difficult to catch, but we end up finding them too. Usually, the river is lower than where it is, and the fish settle in and are easier to find. Long story short is that the fishing is pretty good just not great all the time (at least for me and the people I know), but that will change for the better any day. Hopefully, this week, even though, we are supposed to have heavy winds all week. A cold front or two will settle these fish down where they are more predictable.

All good. Come down and get in on the action. You might time it just right.


September 5, 2014 Report.

Bull redfish


I took some time off for a vacation, so I have not posted any reports here lately. I spoke to some of my friends about how the fishing was during my absence, and the fish were still around and biting most of the time. No hurricanes around the northern gulf either. It would have been a panic on my part if a hurricane would have hit while I was not around. All my hurricane preparation plans would not have happened.

Upon my return from vacation I took my good friends boat out to burn some gas out of it because it is not run that much. I took my other good neighbor, Stan, with me on the boat ride. We took three rods with us just in case we wanted to wet a line. We burned about six gallons and stopped off a point and immediately started catching 20 pound Redfish. We drifted out and caught about 20 more big Reds. We then headed in. The boat ran great even though it is an E-TEC. I had been off a couple of weeks and still managed to catch fish, not because I am great, but because I know to look at the marine forecast and figure out where I can fish without heavy seas ruffing us up. You can forget about how well you did fishing yesterday, because if the conditions change you need to go where you can actually fish. We are constantly trying to find the fish-everyday and changing locations.

We still have openings at the lodge for the fall and winter fishing if you want in on the action.



August 18, 2014 Report.


There have not been any dramatic changes down here in Venice the last couple of weeks. We are still catching a bunch of Redfish. Big Redfish. The Mississippi River has fallen and has turned clear with nice slot Redfish being caught in the passes. One thing that is new for me is these schools of Cow nose Rays (that is what I am told they are). We have seen these massive commotions in the water thinking they are Redfish, so we motor over to them (leaving solid Redfish action) and they are hundreds of these 10 to 20 pound rays swimming on top of one another everywhere. We ended up foul hooking a few before we figured out what they were. They fight hard. Like any ray, I don’t like them because of their stingers. I have never seen big schools of them, and really don’t want to see them again. Jerry, Zach, and Adam from South Carolina thought the rays were cool, but not as cool as the 20 to 28 pound Redfish that wore them out.

The fishing here lately has been fairly easy, because the weather has been calm and the seas have been calm. The fish are always around all year, but if the seas are up we are forced to fish certain areas that may or may not have hungry fish. The fishing should be consistently good all the way through the New Year as long as a tropical depression doesn’t form in the Gulf of Mexico. That would give me a depression. I still have some openings in September, October, November, and December. December is a great time to come, but hunting season and the holidays have everyone doing something else besides fishing.  Anyway, the fishing is good-no lie. Come down and get in on the action.

see pictures below.

 jimmy, Zach and Adam with bullredsjimmy, Zach and Adam with bullreds

August 6, 2014 Report.


The 20 plus pound Redfish bite has been really good the last week, and the sharks have not been as active in the areas we have been fishing. The weather has been fairly stable around the mouth of the Mississippi River, with just some thunder storms here and there. I don’t like lightning, but I do like the cloud cover these storms give us to keep the heat in check. The Mississippi River stage has really dropped hard this last week, so the water is slowing down and getting clear. The Redfish will now start moving in the interior of the river system (they are already there). I will start using spinnerbaits and crank baits in any of the channels to catch slot Redfish and a few oversized Reds. Most of the Big “Bull” Redfish will still be off the outside passes, but some of them will find their way into the river. These big Redfish spawn between mid August to mid October off the outside points and sandbars.

Fortunately, I have had some of my clients the last couple of weeks tell me that their fishing trip with me has been the best trip they have ever been on.  Most of them fresh water fish and have not hooked up with these big, strong, and fast Redfish using artificial lures. The Moms, Dads, teenagers, and kids have been having a real good time. It has all been good, so come down and get in on some good fishing action.


steve and Bullred on a stormy day


July 23, 2014 Report.

I have been chasing the Redfish the last week with clients from Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi and Texas. We have found the big Redfish, but we have had to move around to find them. The reason we have had problems zeroing in on the fish is the electrical storms and Sharks have run us off from different places. The Sharks have been really thick, and they move around to places they were not before. The Sharks ruin our tackle and run off the Reds. It’s just the time of year when you get Sharks and electrical storms. The good thing is that we have not had any tropical storms-yet. We have caught some nice fish even with the challenges.

The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is right at 7 feet and steady. The river should drop if we don’t get a lot of rain up north, because all the river stations up there have a falling river.  All that means is that we can target Redfish and Flounder up all the passes of the Mississippi River. Eventually, the Trout will move in also, but not until Octoberish.  Until then, most of the fishing will be on the outside beaches, bays, and ponds in the canes.

The guiding business slows down for me in August, because of the heat. Many of my clients don’t want to deal with the heat, although the Redfish fishing is good. I don’t really want to be out on the water a whole lot in August either. I am pretty much booked in October and November ( with a few open dates ), but I have openings in September and December. December is a great month to fish, but because of the holidays and hunting season I have less folks calling me. The Tripletail fishing should be good for September and October. Tripletail fishing is difficult because they are so strong and they head for their structure immediately. It’s fun though.

Everyone has had a good time fishing lately, but everyone agrees it is work. No pain-no gain. Call me for your Fall fishing trip.

July 14th 2014 report.